Paint & Reconditioning

Restoring Your Car to it's OEM Finish


When you look at a car, what’s, typically, the first thing you notice? Most would say the color, so it’s safe to say that one of the first things that everyone notices on your vehicle is the paint and it's condition. If your vehicle's paint has scratches, is chipped, suffers from oxidation or has any visible damage from even a minor dent, it can really make an impact on the look. Unlike most body shops, Nalley Collision Centers have teams of factory certified and I-CAR Gold Class Certified technicians that utilize genuine OEM auto parts...including proper paint codes to get the exact color of your vehicle. This will ensure that any damaged fenders, quarter panels, bumpers or other body parts all match and meet the brand specific standards of your vehicle. Trust the experts at Nalley Collision Centers in Atlanta and schedule your in-person appointment to get a free estimate or use our online photo estimator to get your free estimate anytime...anywhere.

Our Paint Process

Most folks don't realize that auto paint is a true art form. Our team at Nalley Collision Centers take great pride when it comes to painting your vehicle. Many customers think that painting a vehicle is a one-step process, similar to utilizing a primer/paint to paint a living room or a small piece of furniture. The truth is, auto paint requires extensive training, expertise and precision. Passion for restoring your vehicle properly is another intangible that sets Nalley Collision Centers apart from other body shops in Atlanta. Whether you need your entire vehicle painted or just a panel, we have you covered.

So, how do we get your vehicle's paint back to factory condition? Our factory certified painters will, first, begin the painting process by assessing and repairing the damaged area. In some cases, this may require parts, such as new bumpers, fenders or panels to ensure the repair meets factory standards. Once the new part arrives and/or the damaged area is repaired, our team will then begin by cleaning the area. This includes wiping away any debris, excess grease or dirt and any other material that could compromise the finished product. The next step in the painting process is to apply primer and allow it to cure. When the primer cures, it’s sanded down to create a smooth surface and wiped free of any debris that was left behind. After the primer cures, the base coat is mixed to ensure that the color matches the vehicle's color. Our team utilizes the latest technology from the specific OEM to allow us to correctly match the paint for your vehicle. Unlike other body & paint shops, this will make sure repaired areas cannot be spotted.

Applying the Paint

Once the base coat for your vehicle is created & properly matched, it’s time to paint! The painter will apply the base coat and makes sure that it’s spread evenly and to the factory look. No drips or overspray. Once the base coat dries, a top coat is then applied. This is also known as the clear coat and gives your vehicle that glossy appearance. The clear coat also gives the base coat a deeper pigment and really makes it pop. The final step is the most important...quality check. While these checks are done after each coat is applied, this final check allows our team to identify and blemishes that can be polished or sanded down to get that perfect factory look. Combine this with I-CAR Gold Class Certified and brand certified painters, you won’t find a better place to handle your auto painting needs. No matter what your issue may be, whether it’s a small scratch or big one, our team has the proper training and tools to restore your factory’s paint.

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