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Our Glass Repair Process

At Nalley Collision Centers, our certified body shop technicians may not have to replace the entire windshield or window. If the damage is small enough or contained, the glass can be repaired without replacing the whole panel. Our team can fix any glass cracks or chips by using resin. This type of repair prevents the chip or crack from spreading further and improve the overall appearance of the glass itself.

This auto glass repair process begins by cleaning the damaged area to get rid of any loose glass shards. Once the debris is removed, the next step is prepping the area for the resin to fix any chipped glass or your windshield or window. To help prevent any air pockets, the crack/chip is placed in a vacuum seal. Resin is then injected into the damaged area to fill in the crack and is put under a UV ray to help seal the glass. Keep in mind that auto glass comes in different types, shapes and styles. Some auto glass is tempered while other glass panels are laminated. If you have a crack, chip or broken glass on your vehicle, contact us today so we can help you figure out the best way to repair your auto glass!

Glass Repair

When it comes to auto glass repair or windshield repair, Nalley Collision has you covered. Any of our 5 factory and I-CAR Gold Class Certified location can help with any type of auto glass repair, whether you need to replace a windshield, fill in cracks to prevent further spreading and fix/replace other glass panels that are found on your vehicle like a window or sunroof. Contact us today if you need to replace auto glass, need windshield replacement or are just concerned with a chip that needs to be filled. Our team is here to help you a our Atlanta, Roswell, Roswell Luxury, Lithonia and Marietta locations! We look forward to seeing you!

In most collisions, the glass panels on your vehicle can chip, crack or shatter, no matter how violent the impact may be. This can, not only, cause further damage in the future if it’s not corrected, but it can pose as a safety hazard to you and your passengers. Our teams at Nalley Collision Centers in metro Atlanta are certified and trained to identify auto glass issues and repair them to pre-accident condition.

While it may be easy to ignore small cracks or chips in your vehicle’s windshield, but a small chip or crack can spread faster than you might realize. This can impair vision and even become a major safety hazard down the line. The structural integrity can be compromised and cause further damage to the vehicle and putting you, your passengers and those around you in an unsafe situation. No matter where the damage may be - windows, windshield, or rear windows – it is important to let the experts Nalley Collision Centers help you fix any auto glass issues. Contact us today to learn more or utilize our online estimator to get your free estimate from one of our 5 locations...from the comfort of your home: Atlanta, Roswell, Roswell Luxury, Lithonia and Marietta. We look forward to working with you.

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